Dual-band Series


Products Description

Cerevo dual system wideband in-building amplifiers are specifically designed to support ALL operators with one solution in situations where antenna-sharing systems are a requirement like in subways, airports, offices and shopping malls, especially in the application situations where all the cellular operators’ services need to be extended. It significantly improves the performance of both voice and data service of your cell phone, especially when cellular operators use two segment frequency bands.



Key Features


• Wideband function for both systems to support all cellular operators

• Higher gain,which lowers requirement for input signal
• Gain is adjustable, which enables more flexible applications
• LED indicator is available for convenient observing equipment operation status
• ALC to limit output power at specified power level and ensure stable coverage effect
• Low power consumption, Low interference
• Compact design
• Customized services are available



Part Numbers    
Dual-wideband, 800MHz/1900MHz
Dual-wideband, SMR800/1900MHz
Dual-wideband, 900MHz/1800MHz
Dual-wideband, 900MHz/2100MHz 
Dual-wideband, 1800MHz/2100MHz           
CR-DIGA0818CB Dual-wideband, 800MHz/AWB    
CR-DISA0818CB Dual-wideband, SMR/AWB    
Dual-wideband, SMR/850/1900MHz