Band Selective Repeaters


Products Description


Band selective repeaters, which handle large numbers of channels, are commonly used in situations where many frequency carriers are to be amplified or when BTS synthesized frequency hopping is used. The adjustable frequency band allocation feature reduces noise and interference caused by signals from the cellular operators' selective frequency band.

Cerevo offers both Single Band Selective Repeaters and Dual Band Selective Repeaters. Both Single band selective and Dual band selective repeaters can accommodate multiple operator/band/ technology usage. The working bands can be adjusted by setting the starting and ending frequency points locally and remotely. It offers users the most flexible and economical applications. Even if the current working frequency of the BTS is changed to a different frequency segment, the band selective repeaters can be readjusted to the new frequencies by setting up its working frequency bands. In another case,if the current coverage lacks of capacity and the repeaters have to be replaced by BTS, the users can move the repeater to other places where need repeaters, and continue using it just by setting the repeater’s working band. It is why band selective repeaters offer users more economical application.




Key Features 


 Movable bandwidth

 Dual-band series are available for multiple systems/operators use

 Gain is adjustable, which enables more flexible applications
• Using advanced filter technique guarantees high performance for out-of-band rejection

Sharp roll-off to avoid amplifying adjacent frequency bands
• Full-duplex design guarantees high isolation between DL and UL
• Auto protection for self-excitation resistance
• ALC function for automatic output control and stabilizes coverage
• Software for local monitoring and configuration
• Remote Control and Monitoring via OMT/OMC
• IP65 Chassis – waterproof, moisture-proof and Omni-sealed
• Customized services are available




Part Numbers    
850MHz Single Band Selective, 1W-20W                                    
900MHz Single Band Selective, 1W-20W                      
1800MHz Single Band Selective, 1W-20W                     
1900MHz Single Band Selective, 1W-20W       
2100MHz Single Band Selective, 1W-20W                      
CR-SOI08BS   iDEN800 Single Band Selective, 1W-20W  
850MHz/2100MHz Dual band Selective, 1W-20W
900MHz/1800MHz Dual band Selective, 1W-20W