Vehicle Series


Products Description

Cerevo vehicle series amplifier are specially designed for customers to improve cell phone signals in vehicles. This series including single and dual band series can offer cost-effective solutions within all cellular services, GSM, CDMA, 3G and iDen, to enhance signal strength and data rate. 



Key Features

Wideband – Support Multi-Operator and Multi-System
• High isolation, which lowers interference

• Powered by cigarette lighter socket in car 
• Low power consumption
• Compact design, smaller size and lighter weight 
• Both "Wireless" and "Direct-Connection" series are available



Part Numbers    
CR-VSI Series
Single-wideband,GSM/CDMA/PCS/DCS /iDen/WCDMA        
CR-VDI Series
Dual-wideband, GSM/CDMA/PCS/DCS /iDen/WCDMA