Antenna & Subsystem



•Designed to  suppress harmonics and interfering signals 

 to improve signal quality 

•High Q cavity structure

•High isolation, Lower loss and flat response
•Excellent intermodulation performance
•Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications          

•Customized products are available

•ROHS compliant







Part Numbers  Titles Descriptions
CR-FL825-55-DA Single-band Filter 825-880MHz, DIN type, IMD3:-150dBc
CR-FL885-75-DA Single-band Filter 885-960MHz, DIN type, IMD3:-150dBc
CR-FL897-63-DA Single-band Filter 897-960MHz, DIN type, IMD3:-150dBc
CR-FLD1819-15-DB Dual-band Filter

1850-1865MHz&1930-1945 MHz, 1870-1885 MHz &1950-1965 MHz

DIN type, IMD3:-145dBc