Antenna & Subsystem




•Designed to allows Tx/Rx signals communication over one 

 common Tx/Rx antenna for feeder sharing and cost saving

•High Q cavity structure
•High isolation, Lower loss and flat response
•Excellent intermodulation performance
•Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications          

•Customized products are available

•ROHS compliant







Part Numbers  Titles Descriptions
CR-DuPI08-18-A 800MHz Duplexer 806-824MHz/851-869MHz, DIN type, IMD3:-150dBc
CR-DuPG08-25-A 800MHz Duplexer 824-849MHz/869-894MHz, DIN type, IMD3:-150dBc
CR-DuPG09-25-A1 900MHz Duplexer 890-915MHz/935-960MHz, DIN type, IMD3:-160dBc
CR-DuPD18-75-A 1800MHz Duplexer 1710-1785MHz/1805-1880MHz, DIN type, IMD3:-150dBc
CR-DuPP19-60-A 1900MHz Duplexer 1850-1910MHz/1930-1990MHz, DIN type, IMD3:-150dBc